Change is Amazing

So our blog is going to have new name! I am hoping we will have it this weekend. I wanted to change it tonight, but that process takes a little bit longer than I expected. Anyway, we have decided to switch gears a little bit and focus on what Greg and I feel is the most important thing in our lives, and that is our love for each other and our relationship. When Greg and I met, I really just  wanted to spend every possible moment with him. I wanted to share in his hobbies, which, as you know,  is all things outdoors! Going hunting and fishing with him helped me understand him on a more spiritual level, and every time we went out hunting or fishing together, I felt closer to him.

I have come to the realization, though, that I will never actually be a hunter. The first time I shot a gun I cried, and when we go hunting together, I  just take pictures or video, which I love, but going on these adventures is not about the actual adventures or activity, they are about us spending time together, connecting, and making memories. I want to be a part of every little thing that makes him happy, sad, excited, passionate, and so on!

We also do so much more than just hunt and fish, and when it comes down to it anytime we are spending time together: talking,  driving in the car, cuddling on the couch, making dinner together, or even working through something difficult together, we are our happiest. When we think about our biggest passion in life, it is each other, and that is what we want our blog to be about.

We feel so lucky to have found each other and to have this love in our lives. We want to share our date nights, our relationship, love, and maybe even some relationship tips! Thank you for reading, and we hope you all like our change! We are super excited about it!

P.S. Here is our last round of honeymoon pictures. It has been a super busy week for both of us at work so we haven’t really gotten a chance to take pictures this week, and I am totally enjoying reliving these relaxing days in Mexico when we got to be together 24/7- that is the life!

P.P.S. Stay tuned for our new blog name!


Greg & Cassie


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