Cool Blondie

In April, right before our bridal shower and wedding, I made a BIG mistake. I decided that it would be a totally good idea to try and touch up my own roots with a YouTube video tutorial and box dye! It was really orange and horrible. The night it happened Greg walked in the door from work to find me in the bathroom with all of the supplies (evidence) around me, used up, and with orange hair! Continue reading “Cool Blondie”

Change is Amazing

So our blog is going to have new name! I am hoping we will have it this weekend. I wanted to change it tonight, but that process takes a little bit longer than I expected. Anyway, we have decided to switch gears a little bit and focus on what Greg and I feel is the most important thing in our lives, and Continue reading “Change is Amazing”

A Sportsman’s Paradise

I know this post is a teeny tiny bit late, but Greg and I both caught the sniffles this week, and we needed some R&R. I am feeling so much better today though and so is Greg, and I am so so happy about it!

On Saturday, we literally found a sportman’s paradise! We decided to take a drive out to one of hunting spots for the season and just see if they had any geese or ducks there. Continue reading “A Sportsman’s Paradise”

Illinois Hunting Guides Coming Soon!

So the mission of this new section to our blog is to help our fellow hunters find information on public opportunities for hunting.

I have been hunting in Illinois my whole life and can tell you that our state laws and our IDNR (Illinois Department of Natural Resources) website is not always user friendly. I have spent countless hours researching, reading blogs, forums, and other random articles to find more information on hunting areas.

I really think there is a lack of information out there on public land hunting for a few reasons:

1. People just don’t want to give up “their hunting spot”.

2. Information on hunting land and areas is mainly spread by word of mouth and by knowing people in the hunting community.

3. Finding time to go scout these areas is difficult in today’s busy world.

So, as for this section of the blog, I am going to give you my take on how I handle  duck season in Illinois. Hunting public land in Illinois is difficult at best. Every area brings new challenges including; boats, long walks, and drawings. I am going to try to provide you with more detailed and specific information. I will be sharing open to the public hunting areas and spots, posting maps, sharing tips and tricks specific to these areas, and giving reviews on public hunting land all throughout Illinois. 

Overall, I do have some private ground that I am able to fill in some of my hunting with (I can share tips on how to secure private land, as well, if you all are interested), but I mainly hunt public land and sharing whatever I can with you all. 

Wednesday is the Best Weekday

Greg and I have had the most productive night! We had a yummy dinner together, went to the gym, cleaned our house, and mowed the lawn! We both feel amazing now! There is nothing better than getting a good workout in and getting all your chores done. It is like you can totally relax then.  Continue reading “Wednesday is the Best Weekday”

Life Update & Hunting Excitement

We are finally all settled into the our new house, and I am so relieved! For whatever reason moving this time felt like it took longer and was harder. I think it might’ve been because we had actual furniture to move. Before this last house Greg and I had lived in places that came with furniture so moving big heavy stuff was never a thing. Also, when we bought our furniture last year we had it all delivered and set up for us, but this time we had to pack it into a U-Haul and get it into the new place. We got pretty sweaty doing that, but it looks so nice now and totally feels like home! Continue reading “Life Update & Hunting Excitement”