Wednesday is the Best Weekday

Greg and I have had the most productive night! We had a yummy dinner together, went to the gym, cleaned our house, and mowed the lawn! We both feel amazing now! There is nothing better than getting a good workout in and getting all your chores done. It is like you can totally relax then. 

This is my first full week back at work, and it has been really good. Year 2 of teaching is off to a smooth start. My new students are great, and I am really excited for a successful year of teaching, coaching, and leading class council.

These pictures are from celebrating my dad’s birthday this past weekend. We all went out to dinner together and ended the night with a bonfire! I love the smell and the feel of sitting around a fire with the people you love, and my parents gave us their old fire pit, so we can have bonfires at our house now too, which will be so fun with fall just around the corner. We also went and watched the Gaelic football game on Sunday morning with my dad and sister, Olivia. It was a really exciting game, and they ended in a tie!

Anyway, Greg and I are currently watching Sweet Home Alabama and cuddling on the couch. Hope you all had a great Wednesday! (Also, little fun fact, Wednesday has been my second favorite day of the week for almost my entire life. Sunday is my first favorite because I get to spend all day with Greg!)

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