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The Secret to Choosing a Fishing Kayak

May 4, 2017

For the first two years Greg and I were together we mainly fished from our favorite dock or would take a walk, climb some rocks, or walk through the woods to a spot we thought would be promising. It made it really tricky to find the best spot, and sometimes there were lots of obstacles in the way like mud or heavily wooded areas and sometimes even mosquitoes (even though they don’t really bite me, which is so lucky)! So, last year we invested in fishing kayaks, and it opened up so many more fishing spots for us because it got us out on the water.

The night we bought the fishing kayaks was pretty spontaneous, but Greg had done a ton of research beforehand. He wanted kayaks that were very sturdy and balanced. He did not want me falling in the water, and he wanted to be able to stand up on his. I did not know you could do this, but I guess you can on a fishing kayak, and it allows you to sight fish for bass in their beds. It does kind of scare me when he does it, though!

I am super happy with the kayaks we chose. I have never been afraid of tipping, and this year I have the rowing down pat! They aren’t super speedy because they are built for stability more than anything. Also, I am totally obsessed with the color of mine! It’s called Desert Storm, and it was so funny when we went to register the kayaks and the girl asked me what color my kayak was, and I said all excited that it was Desert Storm! She looked a little confused, and Greg cracked up and told her it was tan, but Desert Storm does the kayak way more justice than just tan lol.

… So what to look for if you are choosing a fishing kayak:

  1. We recommend a sit on top kayak. This means that the kayak is more of a platform that you sit on instead scooting into an opening and sitting in a kayak. This gives you the stability and the option to stand for bass fishing.
  2. Next, the bottom of the kayak is also very important. Choosing a concaved bottom like the one on ours will give you better control on the water and also has to do with stability. (As you can see stability is super important especially if you plan on reeling in some big fish!)
  3. Make sure your kayak has waterproof storage compartments. These are great for your fishing gear, phone, wallet, snacks, a book, and anything else you plan on bringing out on the water for a day of fishing.
  4. Look for a kayak with a comfortable seat. You can test the seats out at the store, and there is a difference! We sat on a bunch to find the perfect one. Ours are very comfortable even after hours on the water.
  5. Finally, read reviews. We read a bunch and landed on these because they matched our fishing style and what we wanted to fish for. Your style and what you fish for or what you want to use them for may be a little different. For us, we like an easy day on the water, fishing for bass, and wanted the option to also be able to take them duck hunting, too!

I hope this helps you in your search for the perfect kayak for you!

Our Kayaks: Ascend 12T Sit On Top Kayak

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