The First Annual Heller Cup

This past Sunday I had the honor of keeping score at the Heller Cup- the first one ever, actually! For those of you that don’t know, Greg sells cars, and there are two Heller Dealerships in our area. The guys decided to get together and have the Heller Motors Store (the one Greg works at) face the Heller Ford Store in a 27 hole tournament. I was so happy to get to be on the golf course all day with Greg, keeping score, and snapping some pictures. I also loved being there for the big win! It was very close at one point :).

Anyway, here’s the low-down on how the day and tournament went. The first 9 holes were so close! Totally neck and neck. Heller Motors (blue) would get ahead, and then Heller Ford (pink) would take the lead. It was back and fourth at nearly every hole! By hole 10 both teams were completely tied at 20 to 20.

Then, after hole 18 the score was 39 to 33, and Heller Motors only had a 6 point lead! It was really anyone’s game. We all stopped for lunch, and the guys regrouped to prepare for the last 9 holes. Each side talked game strategy, match ups between the 2 teams were repaired, and the competition was at an all time high. Each team knew who the strong golfers were at this point, and Motors and Ford wanted to make sure that they had the best playing the best.

I totally feel like a sports reporter writing this!

For the last 9 holes, Heller Motors came out strong. They continued to increase their lead at each hole. Heller Ford made a slight comeback in the last 3 holes (one guy even made a chip straight into the hole), but they were unable to stop Heller Motors from gaining points completely. Heller Motors won 58 to 50 and…

the guys of Heller Motors were named the champions of the 2017 Heller Cup!!!




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    1. Oh my gosh that is too cute! Such a good idea. I think it would be fun to do some type of awards, too. 🙂

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