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April 22, 2017

So lately Greg and I have been fishing like crazy! We have been hitting up our dock, some secret spots, and even other places that we see when we are on our way t0 dinner, or on a  drive, or even visiting my parents! In our minds anytime is a good time to fish, right?!

We also totally took advantage of the 70+ degree weather that we had this week past week in Central IL. These pictures are from last week, and it was the first really warm day out, and we did not expect it!  The sun was shining bright, and it made me a little sweaty so at one point I had to roll up my shirt and slip my shoes off. It was just the best feeling ever, though, to dip my toes in the water and lay on the dock, but Greg was totally wishing he had shorts on lol.

On Wednesday night we also got to stay out fishing until like 10pm with our friends! We didn’t really catch anything, but it was still super relaxing, and then we did catch like 6 bass on Thursday when we tried another spot!

Anyway, happy spring/ hot, steamy weather season, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying it as much as we are, and on another happy note we are 50 days away from our wedding!! Woohoo! Greg put in for his passport this week; so, honeymoon here we come! Our honeymoon will be our first out of the country trip together, and I am just so excited for us to go to the airport together, sit super close on the airplane (Greg can have the window seat), and then land in another country on a totally new adventure. I think we could become world travelers in no time!

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