Raining on Sunday

Sometimes a rainy Sunday is just the best. Greg and I just totally relaxed together when our almost fishing trip got interrupted by the rain. We were driving on our way to our fishing spot, and it just started down pouring.

We were actually a little bit happy to just go home together, cook dinner, and watch a movie. A rainy day when you’re off work is such a good excuse for extra relaxation time! Greg was so sweet, too, and let me watch the new Life of Kylie- my total guilty pleasure. I was in heaven, and we cuddled right next to each other. He ¬†watched hunting videos on Youtube during the show lol. Then, after it was over we just flipped around channels watching The Proposal and Duff.

We also made these little pita bread and ground turkey pizzas with veggies. We both love them, and they are way more healthy than actual pizza. We buy lean ground turkey and whole wheat pita and organic marinara and voilà!

Also, I absolutely love Keith Urban. He is my favorite country singer, and he was the first person Greg and I saw in concert together 3 years ago. He sums up a rainy Sunday perfectly in this song!



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