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Our Wedding Shower

April 6, 2017

My sister Olivia made this darling banner
The cute little favors my mom got customized with our picture!My Auntie Kath made the most adorable decorations 🙂
My mom, her sisters, Bebe, and cousins – so gorgeous! Livi and Cici <3 My aunt and pretty cousins My dad and Uncle John 🙂So silly
 Christina and Tito – newlyweds Bebe and Papa

Our wedding shower was this past weekend, and it was so much fun! Greg and I were so happy to get to share such a special day with all those we love most. It was definitely a day filled with love and laughs! We also received so many amazing presents that have our living room and kitchen filled! We are ultimately just so grateful to have so many wonderful, supportive, and generous people in our life. We feel so so blessed.

My mom and sister planned our shower for us, and they are superstars. My aunts also helped make and set up the festive decorations and made some really yummy food and deserts. There was so much love, thought, and planning that went into it, and it was the perfect day. Each little detail was flawless. They incorporated our wedding colors, pink and blue, into all of the decorations (that were hand-made) and favors and made sure that the house looked perfect. There was even a little I Do sign on the front door with our blog name :). They are all amazingly talented and really stylish!!!

Greg and I just loved getting to spend time with everyone, and I honestly think that I have the funniest/wittiest family on the planet. It’s like when you’re around them you never stop laughing. We spent the shower chatting, sipping fancy drinks (beer included for the boys lol), and opened presents! We also loved the beef sandwiches (seriously my favorite food!), the bubbly champagne bar, and ate way too many sugar cookies and brownies!

Oh, and one last thing! With all the wedding excitement that we’ve been experiencing lately, I have been listening to the station called Wedding Songs on Pandora non-stop. It got me wondering what other people’s favorite love songs are. I would just love it if you left a comment under this post with your favorite love song of all time. I promise I’ll listen to them because I just can’t get enough!

Thanks for reading! xoxo, Cassie and Greg

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