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Our Wedding Rehearsal & Dinner

June 20, 2017

Just a little picture from my Instagram Story 🙂

My brother’s friends: Frank (blue and pink checkers) & Zach (pink shirt)- they were so fun at the rehearsal dinner and wedding!


Ok, so we have been married for a little over a week! These pictures are from our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The day before the wedding was totally crazy, fun, and loaded with excitement. We didn’t get to take very many pictures because we were so wrapped up in getting ready for the wedding, but luckily my brother, Kevin, grabbed the camera and snapped a few before the night was over. 

The day before the wedding was a total whirlwind. Greg and I got up at 7 and ran around Bloomington picking up food for the rehearsal dinner, last minute decorations, cups, and even little snacks to have at the venue the day of. My sister, Olivia, was also super helpful. She cleaned up our house for us and went wherever we needed her to.

So, after we had literally ran all over town and loaded everything loaded in Greg’s truck, we stopped at home to grab our outfits for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The venue was in Pontiac, and we wanted to finish the whole venue set up before the rehearsal so we brought our stuff with so that we could get ready in my sister’s hotel room. My dad came out to the venue to help with some of the lights that Greg wanted to hang up. Both my parents had also helped us set up all of the tables and chairs the Thursday before the wedding, and we could not have pulled the whole thing off without them! Olivia made one last run to Walmart for us for baskets to hold the bubbles,  the adorable hankies my Auntie Kath made, and the baggies of chips, and as soon as Greg hung the last of the lights we were all set, and rushed back to Olivia’s hotel room. We had like an hour and a half to get ready, and everyone took turns in the shower and in front of the mirrors in her hotel room.

As soon as we were ready, Greg and I then met our priest and his fiancé in the lobby of the other hotel, and went over to the venue. All the bridesmaids and groomsmen practiced walking down the aisle, and so did me and my dad :). We also went over how the ceremony would go, and I had so many butterflies especially when I got to hold Greg’s hands for tying the knot!

We then all headed to the rehearsal dinner that Greg’s dad and his wife Colleen let us host at their place. On the way there I was just so happy and excited that the next day I was going to get to marry my best friend and soulmate. Greg just looked so handsome, and we were so happy with how everything turned out. Ooh and before we got to the rehearsal dinner we stopped at a gas station, and I totally fell getting out of Greg’s truck- like tumbled all the way to the ground. I think it was the mix of nerves and excitement, and when it happened I could not stop laughing (you know the laugh when you’re happy, nervous, excited, and just feeling so many emotions). That was totally me, but luckily I popped right back up lol.

Anyway, we all got to enjoy some drinks, hamburgers, brats, pasta salad, chips, and desert for our rehearsal dinner barbecue. We played some bags in the backyard, listened to music, and I was just so happy to get to be with all of the people that I love. It was an amazing pre-wedding celebration!

My Outfit: BCBG Dress similar here | sandals

Greg’s Outfit : ShirtShorts | Sperry’s

    1. Yes! It was a little stressful, but also so fun! Plus, we did get to end it with some great quality time 🙂

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