Our Deep Sea Fishing Adventure!


Greg and I went deep sea fishing on our honeymoon! I caught the biggest fish I’ve ever caught, and it was so much fun reeling them in. Greg also caught a ton of fish. Every time he grabbed a hold of a pole it seemed like he had 2 or 3 fish on the line. Also, the highlight of the whole fishing trip was catching the Queen Trigger! I wanted to catch a queen as soon as I saw the trophy fish posted. It was such a cool experience being out on the ocean fishing, and the fishermen who took us out were really helpful and kept the fish to eat and sell in the market.

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  1. Looks like a blast. We ate getting ready to head to Secrets Playa Mujeres the end of the month. I want to dprise my husband with a fishing excursion. Can you share some details on who you used for this excursion? Was it private and cost? Thank you so much, Jennifer

    1. Oh you guys will absolutely love it! How exciting! We booked our fishing excursion through Apple Vacations in the lobby at Secrets. The man who booked it for us was named Tomas, and he was super helpful! We went out with a group of 6 and paid just over $300 dollars and that was ran with our credit card through the hotel. We then had to pay $60 for transportation in cash and tip both the men who took us out to fish and the driver who took us to and from the marina. If you just want it to be you and your husband on a private charter it’s more pricey, but honestly it was great being out with other people and we all got to catch a bunch of really big fish!

      Have so much fun on your trip!

      Cassie & Greg

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