Not So Perfect Engagement Photos

The stars have never really aligned for us to take engagement photos. We scheduled them several several times, and things just kept coming up! I would have to cancel and reschedule and so on. So, we finally fit the engagement photos in, but I was not too thrilled with them. Even the day we took them we were in a frantic rush, and that does not usually go well for me especially when it is a rush and an emotional situation. My neck was so splotchy (this happens to me with nerves, excitement, and anything adrenaline inducing), and the photographer was not even really able to edit that out because it was such a drastic color difference! Ugh!

There are a few things, though, that I do love about them. First, they are with Greg, and he is so cute. I also loved the dress and shoes I had on (the love written on them is my favorite detail), and I felt so pretty in my outfit! Also, the night I met Greg he had on cowboy boots, which I absolutely love on him, and he had them on for these pictures! And finally, there is no one I’d rather be in a rush, get all splotchy, and deal with a tough situation with than Greg.

Anyway, the mission continues. We may get a retake session of engagement photos in right before the wedding. If not, I am considering these photos from our blog post Thanksgiving Love our (favorite) engagement photos. We took them on a tripod, and I do really love how these turned out, especially the twirly ones.

My takeaway from this set of pictures:  We both love each other so much, we’re so excited for the wedding, and sometimes the right shoes can save the day or at least a picture!

My outfit: Dress – Love Shoes

Greg’s Outfit: Sport Coat Similar Here – Dress Shirt – Jeans – Cowboy Boots

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