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Morel Mushroom Hunting and Date night!

April 15, 2017

The other night, Greg and I went morel mushroom hunting. There are these mushrooms that grow in the wild in the springtime that I guess are really really delicious and rare, and we were hoping to find some. After Greg got off work, we headed straight to Lake Evergreen to see if we could find any, but I actually don’t think they’ve had their growth spurt yet in Central Illinois. I know that Southern Illinois has them so maybe we’ll have them next. We’ll be keeping a lookout, and I’ll keep you all updated!

…So even though we did not find any mushrooms, we did have a really fun hike in the woods at sunset. It was like 70 degrees, there was a little breeze, the sun was peaking through the trees, and it was just so peaceful. We just love being out in nature together. It’s quiet and private and just us, which I love so much. Also, as we were walking in the woods, I kept telling Greg that I felt like Tinker Bell or fairy because it was so pretty. My favorite part was when we got deep enough into the woods that we actually reached Lake Evergreen and the sun was making the water all glittery. I also loved that it felt like we were on a treasure hunt looking for these mushrooms. That may sound funny, but you have to look really closely at the ground and just hope you find them, and honestly, if we had found them it would’ve been like treasure because we looked for a while lol.

Anyway, after our hike we ended our night at Outback Steakhouse with some yummy steaks and a pitcher of margaritas! We both could really get into hiking and dinner dates. 🙂

  1. You two are too cute! I have to say I was obsessing about morels this past spring as well. I joined a Facebook group and the whole bit. No such luck but learned a ton and was inspired by all the pros out there. Congrats on your wedding!

    1. Thank you so much! You are so sweet! I know we were too, and it is so fun going out and looking for them!

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