Life Update & Hunting Excitement

August 7, 2017

We are finally all settled into the our new house, and I am so relieved! For whatever reason moving this time felt like it took longer and was harder. I think it might’ve been because we had actual furniture to move. Before this last house Greg and I had lived in places that came with furniture so moving big heavy stuff was never a thing. Also, when we bought our furniture last year we had it all delivered and set up for us, but this time we had to pack it into a U-Haul and get it into the new place. We got pretty sweaty doing that, but it looks so nice now and totally feels like home!

Greg is most excited that we have some really great hunting spots nearby, and he keeps calling our new place our little hunt shack- which I think is so cute, and also gets me really excited for hunting season. We traveled a lot last year to hunt and now we can just wake up, make breakfast, and have a quick drive out to our spot and even set everything up the night before so that the mornings go really smoothly.

Ooh I also found the gym in our new town and got us a membership. I am really happy about that! It’s nice and close to our house, and I think we’re going to start going really early in the morning when I start teaching again mid-August. I’m trying really hard to get some more ab definition and maybe have a little more muscle in my arms.

These pictures our from last night. We went up to visit my family and spent the morning watching a hurling game (it’s an Irish sport kinda like field hockey) and having breakfast with my dad at this restaurant we love called the Curragh. Then, Greg and I went out to Cabela’s. We were looking for hearing protection for this upcoming season, but they didn’t have the ones we we’re looking for so we’re going to have to get them online. We ended the night with dinner with my parents and my brother, Kevin, met us after he got off work. It was super nice having a little quicker drive back home, too!

The ear protection we want: Walkers Game Ear

My Outfit: Sweater | Shorts

Greg’s Outfit: Polo | Shorts



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