Cool Blondie

In April, right before our bridal shower and wedding, I made a BIG mistake. I decided that it would be a totally good idea to try and touch up my own roots with a YouTube video tutorial and box dye! It was really orange and horrible. The night it happened Greg walked in the door from work to find me in the bathroom with all of the supplies (evidence) around me, used up, and with orange hair! It was so noticeable, and he could not stop laughing. I wasn’t totally freaking out yet because I figured it would be easily fixed the next day at the hair salon, but I was wrong!

I went to a place in Bloomington, and the girl there did as much as she could to fix the orange on the first try. Here is the picture of my hair after the first fix, but it is still very golden… not good for a girl who likes cool blonde.

I ended up having to go back the next day, and she was able to get it to a good tone for our shower which was 2 days away! The problem was, though, that as it grew out and the toner faded, it kept turning to back the gold tones.

Luckily, for our wedding, I was able to get it back to the color that I love. I have gotten it highlighted a few times since then, and now I am totally in love with the Schwarzkopf Professional Cool Blondes purple shampoo and conditioning mask. It was sent to me in July to try out for free, and I have totally fallen in love with it. It has kept those golden tones from peaking back out and really helped me keep the cooler color that I love so much.

I had tried other purple shampoos before, but this set is so much better! It doesn’t have the strong chemically smell that most have, and the mask makes my hair so soft. I also see such a difference in my blonde color every single time I use it! Schwarzkopf freshens it up with its cooling magic!

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