The Enchanted Forest

By on November 2, 2016


Wow! It has really been a great season so far. We have had such good luck every time we have gotten out to hunt. Greg has been choosing the most beautiful spots (getting to them can sometimes be a little tricky), but they are so pretty and so worth the adventuring!  My favorite part is when the sun comes up, and you can see how amazing your surroundings are.

We walked to our hunting spot before the sun came up and had to walk through the woods. I always think that is a little scary, but Greg is a total natural at navigation. Then, when our hunt was over we walked back through the woods to our boat. In the sunlight, I literally felt like we were in an enchanted forest. My favorite part was the fallen tree we took some pictures by. Being outside always feels like magic.

On this hunt, Greg and I went out with one of his co-workers. We all had a ton of fun calling in the birds and making the shots. It was also the most perfect weather – not chilly at all. I also love looking at the pretty feathers!

This weekend we have a wedding to go to so we’ll be slipping out of our camo and getting all fancy!

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Our Wisconsin Weekend

By on October 20, 2016


This past weekend Greg and I went hunting in Wisconsin! It was the perfect little weekend getaway. We drove up on Saturday evening, stayed at the Lake Lily Resort, and got to hunt some place we have never been to before together.

Our hunting trip started Saturday night with our drive to Wisconsin (we always love being in the car together), a quick trip to the Walmart in Kenosha for a hunting license, and some nachos, wings, and grilled shrimp when we arrived at Lily Lake! We also got to snuggle up in our hotel room before our 5 am wake up call to go hunt.

Greg researched this hunting spot a ton. We totally thought that it was going to be the perfect spot to hunt, and we were hoping to see tons of birds! We were also totally prepared with our new wadders and decoys, but when we got to our spot the lake was dried up! It just made me think of The Notebook, where Noah tells the story of how this lake froze, and the birds flew off with it! I think the birds must have flown off with this lake last year lol. Luckily, we were able to set up our decoys in a flooded field and spot a few birds.

My favorite part about being in Wisconsin was running into the different hunters. Hunting is such a big sport in Wisconsin. In just a few hours while we were watching for ducks and geese, we ran into a group of deer hunters and two groups of pheasant hunters! We also met the cutest little hunting puppy named Boo.

Hunting in new places is so fun and totally feels like a mini vacation. We are so excited to take more trips this year!

Hunting Gear for Cassie: waders – coldgear turtle neck – hat

Hunting Gear for Greg: waders – similar here zip up – similar here hat

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The Hunting Process

By on October 9, 2016

Last weekend Greg and I went on our first deer hunt of the season.  It’s always difficult to get through the woods and brush in the early season because everything is still very overgrown. We tried our best to do some scouting to find the perfect spot, but both of us got super sweaty, and so we just decided that we would hang out in a spot we thought might work. Then, the swarm of mosquitoes happened! As soon as we sat down in our blind they got us. We spent the majority of our hunt trying to stay mosquito free! We did not get to see a deer, but we did get to spend some great time together, and snap a few pictures. (We also need to get that down because the sun went down before we really got as many pictures as we would have liked.) Next time we’ll take pictures before it gets too dark!

Starting something new is so much fun because there is so much to learn. One of the best parts of our relationship is that we’re both always wanting to learn more and do more. I am so happy and lucky to have found someone who loves the whole process of doing something (hunting, loving, creating, living, fishing, blogging!) as much as I do. It feels amazing to have Greg by my side as we discover, and we are always so excited for the next step! We always love looking back at past adventures, too.

This weekend I think we are just going to do some target practice with our bows. We want to wait for the first freeze to go deer hunt again so that the mosquitoes will be all gone! We hope everyone has a fun Sunday!

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Lake Lure, NC Trip

By on September 25, 2016



This is our trip to North Carolina back in May! Greg and I needed a relaxing vacation right after I graduated, and this one was spontaneous and exactly what we needed. We went to North Carolina with our kayaks on top of our Ford Escape, and it was a twisty ride in those mountains with those on top of our car lol!

It was the first time I had ever seen the Smoky Mountains (or any mountains), and it was so beautiful, green, and different than anything I had ever experienced. We stayed in this nautical themed cabin that was just too cute for words! I honestly wished we could have taken the cabin home with us! We relaxed in the hot tub at night, fished and kayaked all day, took a bike ride, and even got in a round of mini golf (I think we tied ;). Lake Lure was the perfectly hidden vacation spot.

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Early Teal and Goose Hunt

By on September 18, 2016

First official blog post! Greg and I have been hunting/fishing/adventuring for 3 years together now, and it has been such a big part of our relationship! I honestly feel like each time we get to spend a day in the outdoors together it brings us so much closer. We totally reconnect in  our little private escape as we discover and explore together. So, we wanted a place where we could share one of our biggest passions and hobbies with you all.

This past Sunday we hunted early goose and teal. I love early season. It’s still warm; this is great for me because I love being warm! It also gave us the chance to work some kinks out before we’re hunting in what I think feels like arctic temps! We were able to get our blind set up, but it definitely still needs some work. It’s crazy how heavy grass and straw is! We were also able to get our boat in the water effectively. Getting the decoys in was another project. Greg was ready to strip down and swim around because the spot that we were in was too deep! We did get all set up, though, just in time for shooting!

Overall, it was a really great hunt for early season. We got 2 geese and a teal! Also, any day we get to spend on the water together is a great day! 🙂

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