A Sportsman’s Paradise

I know this post is a teeny tiny bit late, but Greg and I both caught the sniffles this week, and we needed some R&R. I am feeling so much better today though and so is Greg, and I am so so happy about it!

On Saturday, we literally found a sportman’s paradise! We decided to take a drive out to one of hunting spots for the season and just see if they had any geese or ducks there. We were just going to go for a drive, but it actually turned into a whole night of fun!

When we got out to the spot, Greg thought that he had spotted a goose flying around. It is early goose season so that means that you can hunt geese right now. It was just a heron, but we decided that we would stay and fish  because it was such a pretty night out. We caught a couple of bass, and then we saw geese!

Greg decided to grab his decoys from the truck and put them out. We both walked in the water, and it kind of felt like a fancy spa because it had a clay bottom. I kept joking with Greg that we were getting  pedicures.

It was so peaceful watching the pink and blue sunset, and a baby doe also wandered by while we were there. She just paused and stared at us for a few and then pranced away!

Anyway, we are so excited to have this place as a hunting spot for the whole year! It has a magical feel, and there is nothing we love better than getting to be together in nature. It is totally are little escape.

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