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April 7, 2017


Today I wanted to share some items and products that I just love! Some of these items have been staples for a while and some are new. Especially with spring here, I always like to do a little update. There is just something about wanting to be all fresh when springs rolls back around, and doing a little shopping feels so revitalizing!

…so here they are:

  1. Hunter Boots– I have been in love with Hunter Boots for 4 years now! They are comfy, classy, durable, and waterproof (so good). I feel like they make the legs look nice, and they go great with jeans or leggings. Plus, Hunters are the perfect boot for the lifestyle that Greg and I live. I can look super stylish, but also walk through a muddy field, jump in some puddles, or go trekking through the woods, and then take them home and hose ’em off. I seriously wore my black Hunters so much that they got a hole in them. The boots are lined, though, so I colored the lining in with a black sharpie. I swear you can barely see it, but that little hole was driving Greg nuts! He insisted that I get a new pair, and we both loved the hunter green. We ended searching them in stores for a whole weekend until we ordered them online! They are just the cutest and I am so excited about them.
  2. Victoria’s Secret Workout Leggings– Victoria’s Secret has just come out with the cutest workout leggings! I’ve worn their black ones for a while to the gym, but these new colors and designs are just too cute for words. They’re a mix of a neutral and a pastel, and they have little details like mesh or different stitching that make them really stylish for the gym, outdoor fun, or just everyday! I bought these last week, and wore them on the blog last weekend: see here . I bought them in 2 colors. One of the colors is not available online, so I linked a similar pair Pink Neutral Workout Legging. 🙂
  3. White Gel Nail Polish– So fresh so clean. White nail polish is one of my staples all year round. I generally switch between a very light pink color and white. At the moment, though, I am really loving white. I also really love that gel lasts so long! I recently bought a gel lamp after my sister said how great the gel is, and I will never go back. Plus, it dries under the lamp so there are no worries about a little smudge or bed sheet prints when you want to do an at home mani before bed! Also, this is the Melody Susie Gel Lamp I ordered on Amazon, and it works great!
  4.  Fly Fishing Pole– Greg taught me how to fly fish when we first met. He used to pick me up and we would go for a drive and then find a spot so that he could teach me the fly fishing cast. I am still trying to master it, but he bought me my very own pink, fly fishing pole last year, and it will always be one of my favorites! I am so happy the spawn is almost here so that I can catch a bass with my fly pole. Greg is a pro with his fly fishing pole, and catches all sorts of fish on it! He also ties his own flies!
  5. Raincoats– Springtime is the best time to get to wear adorable raincoats. I love raincoats so much because they remind me of jumping in puddles as a little kid (I still jump in puddles now, too)! So fun! They also have so many cute colors, designs, and prints. You can really let your personality or style shine through the rainclouds with a cute raincoat. They’re also perfect for this time of year when Greg and I want to spend the day fishing, but there is rain in the forecast. We both have one that we’ve been wearing on the blog linked here and here. I just want one to match all of my outfits for this time of year!

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have the best weekend ever!! ♥♥♥♥

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